Polish Standard Vodka


We would like to introduce our finest polish made top quality natural juices.

The selection includes typical fruits which our country is famous for .The star is the apple with exquisite natural taste.

Full of aroma, juice and smooth texture with beautiful shiny colours from green to red

The additional fruits which our country is famous for are cherries and plums, where excellent top quality polish vodkas are made.

Traditional Cherry Vodka or famous Slivovitz from juicy plums.

Pears and peach are included in our group of fruits grow in a very organic way in Poland.

Careful selection and latest trends especially in Apples brands is the key to success to be one of the larger growers in Europe.

What we offer is the freshly squeeze juice without preserves, no sugar and no water.

Just pure juice with its own natural colour.

  • Smooth,
  • exquisite
  • Unique taste.  
  • Plenty of natural vitamins A.B, C, D to mention plus many others.  

Your everyday requirements for vitamins are combining in a large glass of our juices. What we recommend is by far better choice than fatty doughnuts.

Drinking regularly our juices your overall health and sport active life performance will show surprisingly good results.

You will feel X factor for your day to day activities.

We encourage every person without the age limits to:

  • Taste
  • Enjoy
  • Relax  

Your instant pleasure is guarantee “Simply paradise in your mouth“

How to order

Please contact our distributors in UK for Western Europe: